Training for Veterinarians and Beekeepers

Honey bees are not the usual animals veterinarians deal with. Though they are part of the curriculum in some faculties, they remain somewhat “exotic”. On the other hand, bee health is an upcoming topic both in agriculture and veterinary medicine. Better knowledge in honey bee health therefore, becomes more important both in veterinarian practice as well as in regulatory areas.

BeeSafe helps to close the gap of knowledge for veterinarians that have to control honeybee populations in sanitary services and helps to train the “diagnostic eye”. As insects, honey bees show different signs indicating their welfare or distress than vertebrates. Clinical symptoms are often less apparent and similar between different diseases. BeeSafe provides training in recognizing symptoms in the context of the superorganism honey bee colony.

In seminars and demonstrations profound knowledge about honeybee pathology and all issues around honeybee health and good apicultural practice is imparted. You can book group courses or get a personal training adjusted to personal needs.

Some examples for specialized services for veterinarians

  • seminars about honey bee diseases, pests and parasites as well as treatment options
  • practical training with honey bee colonies – what is a healthy colony?
  • training with diagnostic tools
  • biological background of honey bee health: colony development, nutritional needs, animal welfare
  • expertise on conflictive sanitary situations

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