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Bees are in the public discussion. One of the most frequent questions I get about my work is “Are bees really disappearing?”. The answer isn’t yes or no, there are different aspects to this question. In my talks and as a panellist, I illustrate the complexity of the topic. My mission is to make science accessible, without simplifying. One of the most beautiful compliments I ever got was from a beekeeper: “Finally an academic who cares about being understood!”.

I give talks in English, as well as in Spanish, German and Italian. My French isn’t that active anymore; but if it’s ok to give the talk in English, I understand your questions in French. I will make an effort to answer in your language.


Speaking about bees and agriculture

For short introductions on bee-agriculture related topics and discussions about resulting issues.

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Speaking about honey bee health

Introductions into honey bee health, bee welfare and the role of veterinarians

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Speaking about bee diversity

Much more than honey bees. Why we need all bee species for pollination.

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