bee health, Varroa destructor, veterinarians

Why should veterinarians care for honey bees and their health? Because they’re domestic animals and they play an important role in food security. These areas are core competences of veterinarians, yet honey bees were often neglected in the past.
With increasing bee health management challenges for beekeepers, however, the veterinarian role in apiculture becomes more important.
In knowledgeable and entertaining talks and discussions, you get an insight in honey bee health. Possible topics are:

  •  Honey bee welfare and health management
  • Varroa destructor – greatest threat for honey bee health
  • Honey bee health products available in Europe and needs for development
  • Emergent diseases and invasive pests
  • Food security – pollination and residues bee products
  • Honey bees and other managed bee species – implications for One Health

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