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Many agricultural crops depend on pollination. Bees, both managed and non-managed species, are essential for higher crop yield and quality. The need for crop pollination is increasing worldwide. However, pollinator decline increases also the vulnerability of crop production, also in the EU. In addition, oilseed rape, sunflower or phacelia are important honey crops for beekeepers. Finally, farmland is an important habitat for many bee species. Despite this mutual dependence, the conflicts between farmers, conservationists and beekeepers increase.  

BeeSafe stands for communication and solutions. With courses, talks and discussions, I explain bees, pollination, and why they matter for agriculture. I support authorities and associations in developing and implementing pollinator programs. Tailored for your regions or specific crops and always with practicability in mind. 


Courses on pollination and bee biology

Learn about crop pollination, managed and non-managed bees and why this matters for agriculture.

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Consulting for bees and agriculture

BeeSafe gives advice on how to solve the core issues for bees in agricultural landscape.

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Habitat for bees

You want to improve the pollination in regional crops and support bee diversity? Ask me for advice!

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Speaking about bees and agriculture

For short introductions on bee-agriculture related topics and discussions about resulting issues.

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