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For registration, meticulous studies are necessary to make sure that bee health products are both efficient and safe for honey bee colonies. For varroa treatments, a guideline gives a framework on how to perform pre-clinical and clinical studies. For other bee diseases, however, no specific guidance exists.

BeeSafe plans and performs studies for all bee health products according to current knowledge and setting standards. Long experience with the beekeeping practice in different European countries enables me to recommend ways of application and give advice on posology or similar practical questions.

Though Varroa destructor is still the most important threat for honey bee colonies, treatments for other pests and pathogens are also necessary for maintaining honey bee populations healthy. Nosema ceranae, for instance, is a serious, but neglected disease in Southern Europe. Invasive pests like the Small Hive Beetle or Asian Hornet arrived in Europe and concern beekeepers and may become a threat for ecosystems if not controlled properly. While the Small Hive Beetle is still limited to Southern Italy in Europe, the Asian Hornet is continuously spreading. Efficient control measures and monitoring techniques, therefore, are urgently needed.

BeeSafe performs pre-clinical and clinical studies for bee health products and technical devices for bee health. Ask me for services and studies for:

  • Testing a new formulation of an already known compound against varroa.
  • New compounds against Varroa destructor.
  • Testing efficacy and safety of new compounds against Nosema ceranae or other bee pathogens.
  • Testing the practicability of technical devices for bee health management.

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