On-site Courses

Specific trainings on the topics you’re interested in. With me live, face to face and available for your questions.

What is the difference between webinars and on site courses?

Webinars are generally about an hour and take place online. At the moment I offer only general introductions as a webinar. In on site courses, I come to your venue. You get a tailor-made course, I’m available the whole day for questions and work with you directly on your issues. In addition: the webinars are always in English, on site courses are possible also in German, Spanish or Italian.

What are the topics of the courses?

This depends on your needs. For instance, an agricultural school organises an annual training for plant protection managers. Then a course about bee biology, pollination and practical measures how to avoid risks during plant protection makes sense.
A veterinary authority dealing for the first time with honey bee health issues may need first of all an overview on honey bee health and diseases.
Contact me and I will try to offer you the best solution.

How long are these courses?

In general, these courses cover an entire day.

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