Literature Review Veterinary Medicine

Knowledge about honey bee health increases continously. For a good overview, BeeSafe offers literature services on specific raising questions during study planning and product development. Searching for specific information is time consuming and evaluation of information often confusing. BeeSafe uses its expertise on pollinators to get the essential information, evaluate and summarize it in a comprehensive manner.

BeeSafe has a growing library with articles on nearly all bee health issues. Bringing together scientific and technical data, all important information is compiled in review reports. BeeSafe searches available databases, provides the documents, extracts and evaluates the relevant information. “Grey literature” often gives helpful knowledge for study planning but is available only in other languages than English. Technical publications in Spanish, German, French and Italian flow into the analysis, if relevant. This enables you to address particular situations in differing beekeeping practice in different countries.

Emerging diseases and pests (like Small Hive Beetle, Nosema ceranae) give opportunities to develop new veterinary medical products. Wide knowledge in current research helps to advance with these products – with good efficacy and safety.

Examples for literature services on honey bee health

  • summary reports about current knowledge on Varroa biology
  • presentation of treatment methods and concepts
  • current needs of beekeepers in different European countries
  • customized newsletter on honey bee health
  • background knowledge for product development
  • specialized data base services

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