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BeeSafe thinks that everybody can get interested in science. Everything depends on how the information gets to you. BeeSafe wants to be understood – for the bees, to share the fascination, to help to protect bees. One of the most beautiful compliments I ever got was from a beekeeper after a lecture about GMOs: “Finally an academic talking in a comprehensive way!”. I take this as a challenge.

Many people discover bees in the media and want to do something. Knowledge transfer has a key role in beginning the right way – and keep engaged. BeeSafe helps you on the way, always tailor made for the audience I meet.

In my blog, I write for a science interested audience – from laymen to colleagues. I put publications in broader context (Bee News Revisited), relate about my work as bee researcher (Bees International) or share my thoughts on pollinator related issues (Bee Thoughts). In numerous articles in German beekeeping magazines, I write about (honey) bee biology and pollination. Sometimes also about the conflicts between beekeeping and agriculture. I give talks for beekeepers, nature conservationist associations or on gardening events. BeeSafe helps teachers for their lessons about bees or takes groups on a “bee walk”.

Knowledge transfer – from bee science to a broader audience

Every public has different requests; it is great inspire people and get them engaged in pollinator topics. On an informed and equilibrated basis. You can ask me for:

  • Guest blogging on science or beekeeping blogs
  • Articles in beekeeping, gardening or any other nature related magazine
  • Lectures, seminars or posters about pollinators
  • Brochures and other information material on bees and pollination
  • Newsletters about bee science

If you have other requests, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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