Expertise and summary reports

BeeSafe uses its expertise to gather essential information on bee pollinators. Research papers on bees in agriculture appear continuously and in great number. However, searching for specific information is time consuming. In addition, the evaluation of information can be confusing. On the other hand, a good overview of recent information is essential for addressing raising questions and study planning.

BeeSafe’s expertise for better assessments

BeeSafe has a growing library with articles on nearly all bee pollinator subjects and regularly searches for new findings in bee science. Some examples for possible summary reports resulting from literature research:

  • Recommendations for risk mitigation resulting from honey bee monitoring studies,
  • Pollinator communities in different cropping systems and analysis of their vulnerability,
  • Pollination needs of fruit crops and consequences for pesticide regimes,
  • Ways of exposure during plant protection measures for honey bees or non-managed bees,
  • Analysis if risk mitigation measures are applicable under given farming practices.

BeeSafe searches available databases, provides the documents and extracts the relevant information. If available, grey literature in  languages other than English (Spanish, German, French and Italian) completes the picture. At the end,  you have not only a summary of the relevant information, but also an evaluation about the value of the studies for your individual request, everything comprehensively summarized.

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