Expertise and expert reports

BeeSafe writes Expert Reports and/or the pre-clinical and clinical documentation (Part IV) for the registration of veterinary products for honey bees. The requirements for treatments for honey bees now resemble those for other domestic animals. In many cases, the documentation for existing products originates from times prior to current requirements and is not complete. BeeSafe reviews existing preclinical and clinical data for varroa treatment products and published research on the topic. By detecting missing data and documentation gaps, it is possible to plan and perform studies addressing the lacking information. As a result, there is a complete data package according to current knowledge.

Research in honey bee pathology devolops permanently, from which new approaches for innovative solutions may result. For the development of new products for diseases other than varroosis, BeeSafe reviews current knowledge to develop the complete package of preclinical and clinical data. Starting from this, tailor-made study designs help to develop new products for honey bee diseases. BeeSafe gives advice on how to elaborate a product, based on long-term experience with beekeeping practice.

Some formerly non-managed bee species now are used as managed pollinators, such as bumblebees or trap nesting solitary bees. Thus, parasites and diseases of these species may turn into an area of innovation in veterinary medicine. BeeSafe’s expertise on non-managed bees and their parasites supports these innovations. Bee diseases are an ecological and conservational problem in which managed bee populations play a major role. Therefore, control measures and veterinary services may become important also in other bee species than honey bees.

Examples for expert reports

BeeSafe offers expert reports not only for varroa treatments. It gives expertise also on:

  • current knowledge on single bee diseases and their importance in beekeeping practice
  • feasibility of treatments for honey bee colonies, advice on formulations
  • scientific expertise on critical treatments, experimental group size and all aspects of clinical study planning
  • advice in development of innovative products for managed and non-managed bee species

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