Development on new products

One of BeeSafe core expertise lays in honey bee pathology and clinical practice for Varroa treatments. Though there already are a number of treatments, upcoming resistance or difficulties due to specific management practices creates a continuous need for new products for Varroa treatments. New active substances against this parasite are missing and even new formulations of existing substances may help many beekeepers to improve their treatment and management schedules. BeeSafe helps in the development of new products, both in the clinical and preclinical phase with advise, expertise and studies. In addition, BeeSafe also gives expertise during the registration process, both in part IV of the dossier, as well as with Expert Reports. Beekeeping practice often brings large numbers of honey bee colonies into areas with established wild pollinator communities. Some of the numerous honey bee pathogens (e.g. Nosema ceranae) are known to infect also other insect species. For avoiding ecological impact and according to the “One Health” principles of the OIE, treatments for these diseases are urgently needed. However, no guidance exists for these pathogens. BeeSafe provides support for the process of developing these treatments, with profound knowledge of honey bee pathology and beekeeping practice.

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