Data Evaluation

BeeSafe helps you evaluating data from bee studies in the light of bee biology and ecology. Demands for registration became more complex in the past years. BeeSafe reviews studies and dossiers to detect any missing data required by the most recent guidance. By this, you can focus on open questions and special requirements.

An example for data evaluation services

A dossier on an insecticide contains mainly lab and semi-field studies. Therefore, information on sub-lethal effects on honey bees or impact on honey bee brood under field conditions may be missing. BeeSafe reviews the dossier and searches for such gaps and analyses the necessity of new studies. These depend on the properties of the active subtance as well as on the attractivity of the crops in which the product is used. In some cases, it may be relevant to include also non-managed bees. At the end, I discuss with you which crops are of special importance or other relevant subjects. This may lead to a monitoring study, with a tailor-made design for answering the specific remaining questions.

My experience in bee research, biology and ecology takes account of the complexity of pollinator biology: it gives your data package and study planning an additional touch of quality.

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