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Bee health has long been trouble-free and not in focus for veterinarians. But in the past two decades veterinary services for honey bees are required more often. This is due to the spread of parasites like the mite Varroa destructor, emergent diseases like the fungal disease Nosema ceranae or the virus DWV and finally a series of factors negatively influencing honey bee health.
Honey bees are food producing animals and, therefore, health management in apiaries influences food safety. Veterinarians play an increasingly important role in surveillance of good practices, disease treatments and the support of health authorities in honey bee topics.
BeeSafe is specialized in bee health, and offers a variety of online and offline courses for veterinarians.
Topics include:


Honey bee diseases


Honey bee biology and welfare, including good management practices and disease prevention.


Different treatment concepts for Varroa destructor, including registered bee health products in Europe and integrated control.


Other managed bee species.


One Health: honey bee health from an ecosystem perspective.

These topics are covered in short webinars as well as in workshops or practical trainings. Contact me for more information.

Honey bee diseases
An introduction

In this one hour webinar you will get an overview on the most relevant honey bee parasites and diseases. We will cover the most urgent honey bee health problems, diagnosis and treatments.
You will learn:

  • Varroa destructor: biology and treatment concepts.

  • Nosema ceranae: a neglected emergent disease.

  • How to recognize a healthy honey bee colony.

  • Good health management practices in the apiary.

Minimum 5, maximum 20 participants. 1 hour webinar. After the webinar, every participant will get an hour 1:1 online training for remaining questions. Price:€80/person More webinars and online workshops for veterinarians coming soon.

Coming soon!
Webinar: Varroa biology
Webinar: Animal Welfare - what about bees?

Date to be determined

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