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These courses address nature lovers and everybody who is interested in bees. Bees are incredibly diverse: much more than honey producers, the variety of life-histories and environments they adapted to is fascinating.

Did you know?

There are more than 20,000 bee species all over the world?

That most of them live alone and not in colonies?

That some bee species are very picky eaters?

That every third bite you eat depends on bee pollination?

That you can help bees with some easy measures?

There is much more to discover about bees. BeeSafe offers online courses on bee diversity, reasons for bee decline and how to help bees.

Bee diversity

Free Webinar! 20 January 2018

My gift for the 5th anniversary of BeeSafe is a free webinar on bee diversity. You will get a glimpse into the amazingly variate world of bees, how they live and why they are important. What you will learn:

  • Why honey is the most known, but less important thing about bees.

  • How bees help to maintain biodiversity and why we need all the 20,000 species for that.

  • The role bees play in ecosystems.

  • Some suggestions how you can help bees and some help to recognize bees in your garden.

  Maximum 20 participants. This webinar is for free. It will take one hour of your time.

Pollinator decline
Reasons and why it matters

10 February 2018

Pollination crisis in agriculture, bee loss and food security – bees have been in the headlines lately. In this webinar we will talk about the reasons for bee declines and possible measures to stop this. What you will learn:

  • Why pollinator decline affects us all.

  • Why we can’t rely only on honey bees and other managed pollinators.

  • The role of agriculture – it’s not only pesticides.

  • About health in managed and wild pollinators.

  • How climate change influences the declines.

  Minimum 5, maximum 20 participants. 1 hour webinar. Price: 30€/person

Bees and flowers
Make a colorful spring

10 March 2018

Bees need flowers and flowers need bees. But do you know why? And that not all flowers are attractive to bees? Just before spring starts, we will talk about this very close and interesting relationship. What you will learn:

  • The bees’ perspective: flowers as only food source.

  • The flowers’ perspective: pollination – insects as helpers for reproduction.

  • How the partners come together.

  • Some tips for creating a garden for pollinators.

Minimum 5, maximum 20 participants. 1 hour webinar. Price: 30€/person

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