Consulting on honey bee health

In the past two decades, veterinarians have become more engaged in honey bee health. Veterinarians play an increasing role in the surveillance of good practices, disease treatments and the support of authorities in these topics. However, honey bee health hasn’t been in the focus of veterinarians for long time.

One of the core areas of BeeSafe’s activities is honey bee health. This includes consulting on specific issues like diagnostics of honey bee diseases as well as more general topics like honey bee biology and welfare. Consulting services in this area address both single veterinarians, as well as veterinarian authorities. They’re tailor made for your specific needs including:

  • Honey bee diseases and diagnostics
  • Honey bee welfare and good management practices
  • Treatment concepts and registered treatments for varroosis
  • Honey bee health from an ecosystem perspective (One Health)

If you want 1:1 or small group trainings or have specific questions on honey bee health, these services are for you.

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