Consulting on bee biology

Beekeeping and agriculture need each other. Yet, currently the relationship is quite tense. BeeSafe wants to improve the communication between these two areas. You can learn about honey bees and beekeeping practices, how to avoid conflicts with beekeepers and how to communicate with them.

Lately, the attention on honey bees extended also to other bee species and protection of pollinator diversity. There is a series of practical measures that can be adapted to protect pollinators in agricultural landscape. However, not every measure is applicable in given agronomic realities. On the other hand, the crops, landscape context etc. influence the pollinators that are likely to occur in certain areas.

BeeSafe offers collaboration in putting together expertise: profound knowledge on bee biology, life cycles and pollination value for the crops in your area pairs with your knowledge on the agronomic practices, practicability etc. Together, we design tailored measures that are efficient and practicable for the farmers.

If you want 1:1 or small group trainings or have specific questions on bee biology, these services are for you.

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