Clinical studies for honey bee health products

Veterinary medical products for honey bees must be highly efficient and safe for the colony. For varroa treatments, the guideline EMA/CVMP/EWP/459883/2008 gives a framework how to perform clinical studies. Studies are designed according to the apicultural conditions in different European countries in collaboration with local beekeepers. BeeSafe has own infrastructure for clinical studies in Italy and good contacts to beekeepers in different European countries. With knowledge in five languages (Spanish, German, English and Italian in full professional proficiency, French advanced proficiency), facilitates the contact with beekeepers and the coordination of the study in many countries.

Honey bee pathology is one of BeeSafe’s core competences, not limited to varroosis. Though for other diseases (Nosema ceranae, virus infections etc.) no guidance exists, BeeSafe plans and performs studies also for newly developed products. Together with highly qualified partners, also studies for the preclinical phase are possible. BeeSafe then attends the whole preclinical and clinical process according the current knowledge. Long experience in beekeeping practice in different European countries enables me to recommend ways of application. Contacts with beekeepers help launching the products.

Finally, controlling introduced pests like the Small Hive Beetle or the Asian hornet may require new approaches. BeeSafes helps with ideas, advice and studies of control devices. For these pests, we consider the ecological impact of both pests and treatments. Courses and information material for technical advice complete the service.

Some examples for clinical studies

BeeSafe performs studies for testing the efficacy and safety of

  • a new formulation of an already known compound,
  • new application procedures of varroa treatments,
  • new compounds against varroosis or other bee diseases,
  • traps against the Small Hive Beetle.


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