flowering strips, AES

21 November 2020

Flowering strips seem to be a go-to when it comes to helping bees in farmland. They’re meant to be a countermeasure against the floral deficits because of intense agriculture. And of course, flowers and bees, they’re the perfect match, aren’t they? Yes, they are. However, you may already imagine that I’m not an unquestioning fan….

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silent hunger, Year of fruit and vegetables, pollinator limitation, crop production

14 November 2020

I think, most of us agree that pollination is an important ecosystem service. But is pollinator limitation a thing? Is pollination a limiting factor for crop production? Or are other factors like nutrients or crop pests more important for reduced crop yields? This isn’t easy to answer, the weight of different factors will be different…

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land use, Krefeld study, insect decline, agriculture

7 November 2020

Our land use is a reason for concern: with the increasing human population on earth, we’re claiming more and more of it. We use it to build houses, streets – and to produce our food on it. With all those humans needing food, crop production has focussed on maximizing yields. This has caused undeniable problems….

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bee hotels, invasive bees, bee conservation

25 September 2020

Bee hotels are very popular at the moment. Everybody sells them, often with the popular “save the bees!” attached to it. But are they really worth the hype? I’m not that convinced, as you may already imagine. Let’s start with the positive: insect hotels are a nice way for people, especially children, to learn about…

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pollinator conservation, Education and experience | Beesafe

11 September 2020

One could think pollinator conservation is a very important issue and taken seriously all over the world. At the latest since the pollinator assessment from IPBES was published, the discussion about pollinator decline is going beyond science and conservationists. Very often I get asked about bees. Many want to start beekeeping. I then explain why…

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Pollination services need diversity

28 August 2020

“Pollination services”, “without bees our dinner tables will look differently”, “bees are important for a healthy and tasty diet” – phrases like this sooner or later come up in every campaign that wants to “save the bees”. I’ve used them myself. And probably will continue to do so, because it evokes a personal interest. However,…

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