Insect diversity

6 February 2019

Insect decline is a huge issue, and luckily, this awareness is arriving in a wider public and even politics. However, the path from almost total neglect to taking action is a stony one. There are various reasons for the decrease in insect populations. A recent reviewvery impressively shows that we actually almost know nothing – […]

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Short term studies

18 January 2019

Honey bee welfare is mostly referred to as “bee health”; very misleading in my opinion. Most people think of “health” as absence from diseases. Despite also this definition isn’t correct, I prefer the term “welfare”. It includes aspects like nutrition, freedom of pain and distress or the natural range of behaviour. As honey bees are […]

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Save the bees, Bee Diversity

7 January 2019

When it comes to bee conservation, New Year’s resolutions may not be the right tool. Now about a week into the New Year, they’re usually already out of sight. In the past weeks, however, I’ve been reasoning about how I can move forward with BeeSafe and this blog. I learned quite a lot about how […]

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25 June 2018

Talking about bees and agriculture, pesticide use is the first issue coming up. In the past years, the discussion concentrated mainly on neonicotinoids and glyphosat. But, as I discussed already a month ago, this doesn’t get the whole picture. What we need is mainly a change in structures and strategies, not only pesticide bans. But […]

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26 May 2018

About a month ago, I told you about my roof terrace and my intention to transform it in a bee garden. It was in a somewhat pitiful stage after the winter. Especially the wind and the storms during the winter did some harm. But I did some work on it, and now it’s already looking […]

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11 May 2018

Climate change increases the ocean level and provokes more severe weather events, but also is a serious threat for biodiversity. This consequence of global warming is less obvious and doesn’t get much public attention. Despite it will influence also our everyday lives. Let me explain. Every species has a distinct time in which it is […]

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