1 February 2015

My “bee career” began with bumblebees. It was in a course of evolutionary ecology at the university; together with another student I observed different bumblebee species on different flowers in the garden of the faculty. We noticed that some bumblebee species fly on open, more disc-shaped flowers, while other species preferred flowers with long corollas…

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managed bees, parasites, bee health, Bombus dahlbomii

30 January 2015

When I heard that Bombus dahlbohmii is near to extinction at the EurBee conference in Murcia last September, I was shocked. It was just a small part of Dave Goulson’s plenary talk the first day of the conference, only a comment before coming to the main argument, the impact of pesticides on bumblebees. For me…

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29 January 2015

When Heraclitus wrote about nature, he obviously had other concepts than nowadays. But the constancy of change has been noted from many after him: also Darwin wrote “Nothing is more constant than change” to a friend and introduced the concept into modern biology. In a wider sense, it applies also for this site and BeeSafe….

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