Bees and Agriculture

Agriculture depends on pollination. Many crops need bees, both managed and non-managed species, for higher crop yield and quality. Crop pollination is an essential ecosystem service, contributing to human food production and security. On the one hand, the need for crop pollination services is increasing worldwide. On the other hand, agricultural practices often are a risk for bees and other pollinators.

In recent years, risk assessment tries to meet increasingly the complex biology of pollinators. Most requirements refer to honey bees (Apis mellifera). In addition, also non-managed bees are getting into focus. BeeSafe assists you by specialized services: finding data gaps, study planning or the work in the field. Consulting on risk mitigation measures, stewardship programs and stakeholder communication complete the services of BeeSafe.

My incentive is to find solutions for bees in agricultural landscapes – please ask me for more information on your specific questions.

Services for Agrochemical Industry

Data Evaluation

BeeSafe reviews the existing studies and gives advice on how to address data gaps based on recent guidance. For a more on-the-point study planning!

Monitoring Studies

Studies to evaluate the exposure of bees, to help risk managers to find solutions and assess the stability of pollinator communities.

Expertise and summary reports

BeeSafe analyses and summarizes existing knowledge about pollination needs, possible exposure etc. and gives expertise on current issues.

Courses for Agrochemical Industry

Webinars and on-site courses for learning about bee biology and pollination. Advice for risk managers on mitigation measures.

Services for Agricultural Authorities and Schools

Courses on bee biology and pollination

Agriculture and beekeeping belong together. Learn about crop pollination, bee biology and about practical measures to avoid conflicts.

Expertise on risk mitigation measures

Adapting risk mitigation measures to agronomic reality makes them more efficient. BeeSafe develops the best solutions for specific regions.

Consulting on bee biology

BeeSafe helps you to understand needs of beekeepers and possible conflicts with agriculture and to develop practical measures to avoid them.

Speaking about bees

I’m available for discussions or in-house trainings to introduce you to bee biology, pollination and all bee-agriculture related topics.

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