Bee Courses and Seminars for bee enthusiasts

If you want to learn about bees, bee courses from BeeSafe are the right solution for you. I enjoy to explain the wonderful world of bees. I like to illustrate up to date bee science in a way anyone can understand. In the past years, I teached and trained many different groups: beekeepers, veterinarians, nature conservationists and also general public (school classes, public on “Open House Days” etc.). My aim is to give every group the information they need in the form they need it. From short bits in radio interviews to daylong training courses. This offer is not limited to specific countries: I already teached in Germany, Italy, Austria, Chile, Switzerland, Spain, Malta and other countries.

Most requested topics

BeeSafe gives seminars and  courses about the whole world of bees. However, some topics are more popular than others, according to the needs and interests of the participants. Beekeepers want to know varroa and treatments. Nature conservation associations are interested in the biology of non-managed bees, their habitats and conservation. Veterinarians obviously care about honey bee health and regulators need to know about ways of exposure for pollinators in agricultural landscape.

  • Lecture for beekeepers: “Know your enemy – about varroa biology”
  • Training course for veterinarians: “Honeybee pathology”
  • Seminar for regulators: “Pollinators in agriculture”

Contact me for the whole list of topics to find the right event for you.


BeeSafe offers also a wide range of courses for beginners, companies and veterinarians: check it out here!

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