engineered bacteria, varroa treatments, bee health

17 January 2020

Varroa treatments arrived in crime. In a double sense, just bear with me for a while. In a crime series I watched some days ago, the victim was a beekeeper killed while working on his colonies. Beekeeping became so popular in the past years that I see quite a lot of magazines, TV shows, social […]

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Superorganism, welfare, honey bee colony

6 September 2019

We speak about honey bee colonies as a superorganism. It’s something I explain very often in my work. One of my standard sentences is: “A colony is more than the sum of the number of adult bees and brood cells!”. That seems difficult to understand. It’s one of the reasons why I’m interested in the […]

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bee nutrition and parasites

7 July 2019

One health is a quite recent concept. It comes from the insight that humans, domestic animals and wildlife face similar health issues. As the OIE (the World Organisation for Animal Health) puts it: “Human health and animal health are interdependent and bound to the health of the ecosystems in which they exist. ” This was […]

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