bee research, sour cherry, pollination

18 May 2020

Bee research means being outside – at least in my case. For me, it also means travelling a lot. I do most of my studies in Italy and Spain. Sometimes also in other European countries like Austria, France or the UK. BeeSafe – i.e. my whole business – is built on my capacity to travel: […]

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pollinator declines, habitat, bees

6 March 2020

Pollinator decline is quite present in people’s minds in the past years. However, there’s still a lack of consciousness in an essential point: not all pollinators are the same. Not all regions are the same. Finally, not every measure to help pollinators is right for all species and/or regions. This seems trivial if you’re dealing […]

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26 May 2018

About a month ago, I told you about my roof terrace and my intention to transform it in a bee garden. It was in a somewhat pitiful stage after the winter. Especially the wind and the storms during the winter did some harm. But I did some work on it, and now it’s already looking […]

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6 October 2017

It’s getting autumn and while I’m writing this it is far from the right weather to work with bees. Last year about this time, I wrapped up the season. This year I spent the summer mostly at the desk and my field season begins now, when the cold arrives. Wonder why? Well, an essential part […]

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24 February 2017

Three years ago, it happened that I was in Andalucía in February. I arrived quite late the day before I had to work on a study in Lanjarón, near Granada. Due to the darkness, I did not realize that the mountains I drove up were covered by almond bloom. Driving to the apiary the next […]

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19 November 2016

This was a very busy and demanding week. I was at the CREA-API in Bologna teaching at the yearly honey bee pathology course. This is not a regular course. In the institutes I worked in Germany, usually – depending on the topic – courses took one or two days. More or less teachers presented the […]

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