Short term studies

18 January 2019

Honey bee welfare is mostly referred to as “bee health”; very misleading in my opinion. Most people think of “health” as absence from diseases. Despite also this definition isn’t correct, I prefer the term “welfare”. It includes aspects like nutrition, freedom of pain and distress or the natural range of behaviour. As honey bees are […]

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Save the bees, Bee Diversity

7 January 2019

When it comes to bee conservation, New Year’s resolutions may not be the right tool. Now about a week into the New Year, they’re usually already out of sight. In the past weeks, however, I’ve been reasoning about how I can move forward with BeeSafe and this blog. I learned quite a lot about how […]

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11 May 2018

Climate change increases the ocean level and provokes more severe weather events, but also is a serious threat for biodiversity. This consequence of global warming is less obvious and doesn’t get much public attention. Despite it will influence also our everyday lives. Let me explain. Every species has a distinct time in which it is […]

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16 February 2018

This week, invasive bees kept my mind busy. First, there was the news that a Chilean lawyer would sue the government. How this relates to bees? Well, he is going to court because of the introduction of European bumblebees to Chile. This has brought the giant Chilean bumblebee, Bombus dahlbomii, close to extinction. I have […]

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2 February 2018

People often ask me why we need so many bee species. There’s the honey bee, right? If you follow this blog for a while, you may imagine my answer. That honey bees can’t do it all alone. I usually talk only about bees, but some of my recent activities made me read Jeff Ollertons review […]

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19 January 2018

This week the news of a new silver bullet for the fight against the Varroa mite spread all over the media. It was about the discovery that lithium chloride acts against this honey bee parasite. Not only is it the first new substance after a long time, it’s also very easy to use: by feeding […]

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