Keep on moving – new developments for BeeSafe

Keep on moving – new developments for BeeSafe

This year flew by so fast and especially the past weeks have been full of work, ideas and new developments. Actually, I have some announcements to make. In January, it’s three years that I started this blog. Then, and maybe this is the more important, it’s five years that BeeSafe exists. This is a very big event for me and thinking of it, I realize how many changes have happened in these five years.

Five years ago, I started BeeSafe because I thought I could share my knowledge about bees in a different way I was doing it already. My incentive was to make studies and consulting with bee biology in mind and make them different. This is still the concept of BeeSafe: making conclusive studies, consulting on protocols and data and, finally, making bee science accessible for everyone. This blog serves this third idea. I started three years ago with a post named “There is nothing more constant than change” – Heraclitus, 535 BC. And this continues to be true, for BeeSafe and for me personally.

New developments for BeeSafe

When I realized some weeks ago that the adventure called BeeSafe will be five years old, I thought that I had to celebrate. Sticking with the old Greeks and changing again, I thought I could make something new. I like to teach. Considering that one of the cornerstones of BeeSafe is making bee science accessible for everyone – why not teach online? So I started to learn how to make webinars. And here’s the announcement:

On January 20, 2018, there will be the very first BeeSafe webinar on bee diversity. 

It will be my gift for you, for those who read my blog, for all the feedback I got. My thank you for all those who supported me in these five years.

Depending on how many want to participate, on that day I will offer several time slots for the webinar. So if you are interested, subscribe to the newsletter below. This isn’t ready yet, but having your email will help me to send the newest updates on the webinar and all the details how to participate.

New Bee Series on the blog in December

Another, already established “innovation” has been the beginning of themed months on this blog. I started in March with bee diversity, continued in June with bee nutrition and the one in September on bee health surely wasn’t the last one. In December, I’m planning to do a series on social evolution of bees. This may seem a bit abstract at first. However, following the concept of making bee science accessible for everyone, this is an important one. It relates also to bee diversity, because social bees like honey bees and solitary bees like the Red Mason Bee are just the extremes of a continuum. As always, I will try to make the theoretical, abstract content as accessible as possible. If you have any specific questions on social evolution of bees or any suggestions what I shouldn’t miss, you can leave me a comment below.

non-managed bees, bee pollination, bee science

The Red Mason Bee is a solitary species. This is Emma, a study object of my Master thesis…

That’s it for now with my announcements. I hope you will enjoy the new developments of this blog and BeeSafe.


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