Board for ecosystem services focuses on pollinators

Board for ecosystem services focuses on pollinators

The Intergovernamental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) meets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this week. Experts from 141 countries discuss the impacts and benefits of biodiversity. The meeting focusses on pollination and its importance for food production.


The international experts address following issues:

  • the role of native and exotic pollinators for food production,
  • the status and trends in pollinator diversity,
  • impact of exotic pollinators,
  • pollination systems and population changes.


The scientists examine the factors causing pollinator decline on a global and local scale and analyse the impact on human well-being. The international experts consider also mitigation measures for negative impacts on food production. How to assess the effectiveness of such measures is another point in the discussion.


A six-chapter report has been prepared by international experts and will be presented later this week. The report addresses biological as well as economic aspects of pollination as ecosystem service. The report includes a non-economic evaluation as experience of indigenous and local communities. This is important for developing management and mitigation measures fitting different visions. Finally, the report analyses policy responses for mitigating the risks of pollinator declines.


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