Do bees have regional accents?

Do bees have regional accents?

Scientists at the Cardiff University in Wales investigate the sounds honeybees make. They want to discover if bees of different areas have regional accents. Another aspect is the information in these sounds: beekeepers recognize from the buzz if bees are aggressive, the colony is queenless or about to swarm.  The project could give these empirical data a solid base. The researchers ask more than 3,000 beekeepers in Wales to send sound, photos and videos. Putting together all these data, they hope to make a complete picture of summer. If they detect initial differences, they will extend the project all over UK.

By decoding the information behind the sounds a colony makes, the scientist hope to get information about bee health in an area. Understanding regional accents helps to figure out the state of honeybee colonies in different areas. An analysis of the environment linked to the sounds could give information about the best foraging plants for the colonies. The scientists hope to megliorate the environment for honeybees by this project.


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