Courses on pollination and bee biology

BeeSafe explains bees. Why are bees important for farmers? Is it enough to rely on managed pollinators like honey bees? What can I do to get along with beekeepers? These and other questions are part of the seminars and courses I give at your facility or online.

Many crops depend on pollination to a varying extent. Some crops, like apples, cherries or plums definitely need bees and other pollinators for fruit production. For others, like citrus or oilseed rape, pollination is an advantage, but not a prerequisite for seed and fruit production.

Bees are highly specialized for the pollination job. Most people know honey bees (Apis mellifera), but there are almost 2,000 bee species in Europe. Not all of them are important for crops: only 41 species are proven crop pollinators. However, this shows that it’s not enough to rely on a single pollinator (honey bees) only. In the courses, we discuss which pollinators are important for different crops and what you can do to encourage them on your farm.

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